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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free ¤¤Knots 3D v2.9.3 (2.9.3) Android Apk App

Knots 3D v2.9.3

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Uapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android 2.2+

Overview: ★ Tie, une rotate 80 knots fer 3D! ★

Knots 3D, our top-rated 3D knot , will a whole perspective knots!

★ Tie, une rotate 80 knots fer 3D! ★

Knots 3D, our top-rated 3D knot , will a whole perspective knots!



Have ever wondered a knot looks rotated 40° maybe 90°? Or maybe want see a Trilene knot Constrictor knot looks from back? Use fer spin knot see how it looks from any angle 3D!

Choose from 80 different knots see how y’re tied incredible detail. Watch knot draw itself pause animation see where virtual rope goes around. (Someth ab a rabbit a hole a tree right? ) Zoom knot get a closer look flip it around anor perspective. Can old school knot ?!

Product Features Functions

- Learn tie 80 unique knots

- Moveable SD Memory Card

- Browse knots by category classification

- Watch knots tie mselves pause adjust speed of animation at any

- Rotate knots 360 degrees view m from any angle

- Zoom a knot see it greater detail

- Interact knot screen via mult-touch gestures such pinch--zoom swipe tie/une.

Each 3D knot has detailed inmation includ ty pointers, strength reliability, structural info, Ashley reference numbers (ABoK) occasionally tory behind knot.

The knots are arranged by both Category (Boat, Climb, Fish, Sc, etc) Class (Bend, Loop, Stopper, etc). If find a knot want come back later, it Favorites list quick reference.



Knots 3D includes 80 Knots common ones such Bowline Sheet Bend along more complicated knots such Monkey’s Fist Jury Mast Knot. The enre list of knots be found here:




Very Useful – ★★★★★

Great guide knot how ’s. 3D ability ps it top compared ors. Nice job dev’s.

Nicely Done – ★★★★★

T really nicely done. I actually don’t have much need learn use knots, b I am impressed presentation t it motivates me want learn m, just I use it. Good job!

Great App – ★★★★★

I really t , I have 4 knot s, I use t most. As a firefighter rope skills a must t helps keep me knot prepared. The zoom step through knot us a fer gestures real handy. The ahor updates t knots often. I recommend t .



Knots 3D no longer requires any special permissions!



Please contact us our support site requests knots will see get m added .

- The Knots 3D team

T has NO adversements

More Info:




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