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1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
4. Click and install your APK files.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Free ¤¤GoneMAD Music Player FULL v1.3.11

GoneMAD Music Player FULL v1.3.11 ¤¤ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Uapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android > 1.6 ¤¤ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Uapkfiles.blogspot.com: Feature-Rich Highly Customizable Music Player ¤¤ GoneMAD Music Player focuses provid tons of features options allow a personalized listen experience. 125+ customizable options, listen music way want . ¤¤ 2.jpg1.jpg3.jpg4.jpg6.jpg ¤¤ FEATURES: ¤¤ -Supported audio mats: aac(mp4/m4a/m4b), mp3, ogg, flac, tta, ape, wv, mpc, alac, wav, wma (non-lossless) ¤¤ -Flawless gapless playback (mp3 aac gapless supported most devices) ¤¤ -ReplayGain support (track album gain) ¤¤ -Cuesheet support ( .cue files currently, embedded will come a fure update) ¤¤ -Crossfade (ao manual transitions) ¤¤ -Bookmark ¤¤ -High pored 2 10 b graphic equalizer 3 quality setngs ¤¤ -Preamp gain control ¤¤ -Left/Right audio balance control ¤¤ -16 built- EQ presets ability create own ¤¤ -DSP Limiter adjustable attack/release prevent distoron ¤¤ -Highly optimized media library, designed large music libraries (50k+), works every supported mat ¤¤ -Browse ion by arst, album, song, genre, playlist, folders ¤¤ -Built file browser ¤¤ -Album arst disc no tags supported ¤¤ -Tag editor (supports mass edit) ¤¤ -Search arsts, album arsts, albums, songs, filenames ¤¤ -Save/Load playlists create playlists fly ¤¤ -Supports m3u, pls wpl playlist file mats ¤¤ -Edit playlists an easy use drag drop interface ¤¤ -2 Shuffle modes: Shuffle Playlist Shuffle ion ¤¤ -Custom actions playlist compleon: Stop, Play Random, Loop Playlist, Play Random Album, Play Rest of Album, Play Next Folder, Play Next File ¤¤ -Aomatily find download album art ¤¤ -Manual art search ¤¤ -Embedded album art support ¤¤ -10+ skins choose from ¤¤ -Lockscreen player ¤¤ -ICS lockscreen control support ¤¤ -Notification controls (3.0+) ¤¤ -Scrobble support: (ScrobbleDroid Simple LastFm Scrobbler) ¤¤ -Customizable Gesture Stem: 14 assignable actions 7 different gestures ¤¤ -Customizable Now Play View: 15 different tags p into 6 slots ¤¤ -Ao resume playback when end a phone l ¤¤ -Ao pause/play when unplugg/plugg a headset connect bluetooth ¤¤ -Bluetooth headset controls ¤¤ -Aomatily adjust volume when connect/disconnect bluetooth audio wired headsets ¤¤ -Comes a 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4 widget ¤¤ -Tasker integration ¤¤ -Sle bton headset control support ¤¤ 's t version: ¤¤ -Added option remove silence at beginn end of non gapless tracks ¤¤ -Added option jump now play after select someth play ¤¤ -Added %MPLATATE tasker integration. Values are eir "PLAY", "PAUSED", "STOPPED" ¤¤ -Added sort options songs: 'Album Asc/Desc" 'Album Year Asc/Desc' ¤¤ -Added option adjust volume when receiv AudioFocus requests ¤¤ -Added 'Select Album Art' a gesture option ¤¤ -See changelog changes/fixes ¤¤ Full Version Unlocked ¤¤ NOTE: Galaxy S3 users should disable 'ao haptic' if playback choppy (stem setngs -> sound) ¤¤ /> ¤¤ https://play.google.com/store/s/d...VtYWQuZ21tcCJd ¤¤ Download Instructions: ¤¤ https://rapidshare.com/files/686165088/GMMP.rar ¤¤ :holdit:Disclaimer: s I share re tried tested based my personal experience. Programs re execed tested my device, Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. ree, I'm not responsible any problems different Android devices versions. I wouldn't post here with know sure it works! ¤¤ Enjoy ( at least try ...)! ¤¤ Installation steps: ¤¤ 1. Extract 2 files from zip phone. ¤¤ 2. Install lication ( not open yet). ¤¤ 3. Install Unlocker.apk run it ¤¤ 4. delete unlocker after run (optional) ¤¤ 5. Enjoy maximum!:snakeman: ¤¤
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