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The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
4. Click and install your APK files.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free ¤¤Game Releases • Angry BABA v1.1.0

Angry BABA v1.1.0
Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Uapkfiles.blogspot.com 2.2+
Overview: Action excit batng!! Dynamic colorful 3D graphic!
Strike fly objects; meteorite, UFO, missile, space worm, waste
Enjoy Angry Baba, an ulmate 3D action smartphone !!


1. Simple Play!!

Simple operate, just touch drag.

2. Various characters

You will be bored five unique characters!!

3. Item, Skill upgrade stem

Characters become more porful skill item upgrade stem!!

4. Experience a sense of accomplishment by compleng various quests

Score points through quests are completed easily play!!

5. A variety of events

Acquire additional AP (coins used ) through various events, add more excitement gam experience!!
Fly objects collide pelicans, space ra, AP dummies, drop AP.
The mammoth placed at a certain distance blow off objects even furr.
After five six times of precise batng, an event will be created which fly away moon, Saturn, space ray

Wha New : (Updated : Oct 2, 2012)

Added 'Angry(Rage) mode'
Added Animations of failure
Added 'Lognest Distance / Most AP' learderboard
Added quests
Modify UI
Modify font 3gs

T has no adversements

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