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The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
4. Click and install your APK files.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free ¤¤App Backup & Restore v2.0.6 (2.0.6) (No Recommend App Nag Screen) Android Apk App

App Backup & Restore v2.0.6 (No Recommend App Nag Screen)

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Uapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android 1.6+

Overview: Backup & restore s android device

App Backup & Restore used backup restore s android.


- Backup s SD card

- Batch backup

- Backup market link protected s

- Restore s from SD card

- Batch restore

- Quick uninstall

- Sort s by name, install date, size

- Ao backup install

- Show storage usage

- Mul version backup

- Search from Google market

- Send apk file by email

- Share market link

- Support App2SD

*** Notice: App Backup cannot backup data setngs of s , b it only backup apk files.



Q: Why ’t I restore s?

A: Go “Stem Setngs”->”Applications”, enable “Unknown sources” setng, n restore s from SD card.

Q: Does it backup data of s?

A: No, currently it only backup apk files of s.

Q: How I send archived drop box?

A: It requires dropbox already installed phone, click “Archived” Tab, long click want send, n click “Dorpbox”.

Q: What are “Protected” s?

A: “Protected” means s are protected by “Copy Protection”, apk file of m cannot be copied SD card. On backup, market links of m will be saved restor.

Q: How check un-archived un-installed s?

A: Click checkbox left bottom.

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What’s t version:


#Fix backup bug

#Add refresh bton

#Add setngs hide warn


#Fix SAMSUNG SGH failed backup bug


#Fix DROID RAZR failed backup bug


#Save sort state

#Send debug info after failure

#Hide search bar setngs


#Check un-installed s

#Check un-archived s

#Clear cache & refresh setngs


#Fix FC bug

-Recommend nag screen removed by: Unexampled Orion

T has NO adversements

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